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I don’t really know what is the most appropriate English word to represent the term “Tugas Akhir”. I’ve googled the term, and I found out that some countries use the term “final year project”, some others use “dissertation”. The Indonesian term itself means “final assignment” in English. Considering that, I’ve finally picked the term “final year project” which I think has the closest meaning.

Akankah kutemui.. saat seperti ini lagi.. Huaa.. (aduuh.. penyet..)

Well, first of all, I must apologize of my bad English. For I have so little knowledge of this language. I’ve learned English in my previous academic years. But I ceased using it rather vastly bout three years ago. Guess I’ll use English in some of my posts from now on. Usually I joke every once in a while in my Indonesian posts, gotta make myself comfortable first.. hahaha..

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