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I don’t really know what is the most appropriate English word to represent the term “Tugas Akhir”. I’ve googled the term, and I found out that some countries use the term “final year project”, some others use “dissertation”. The Indonesian term itself means “final assignment” in English. Considering that, I’ve finally picked the term “final year project” which I think has the closest meaning.

Akankah kutemui.. saat seperti ini lagi.. Huaa.. (aduuh.. penyet..)

Well, first of all, I must apologize of my bad English. For I have so little knowledge of this language. I’ve learned English in my previous academic years. But I ceased using it rather vastly bout three years ago. Guess I’ll use English in some of my posts from now on. Usually I joke every once in a while in my Indonesian posts, gotta make myself comfortable first.. hahaha..

Hmm.. for u that haven’t read the Bout Me page, or the ones who don’t know me. I’m currently having my undergrad degree on Information System Dept., Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya, Indonesia. I am now on my seventh semester, and currently planning to finish my study also in this semester. For that purpose, I have to have my proposal accepted this week.

My project is initially titled “Implementasi metode Self-Organizing Radial Basis Function Network dalam menyelesaikan permasalahan aproksimasi real-time pada kasus sistem dinamis waktu-kontinyu “. It is based on the paper Self-Organizing Radial Basis Function Network for Real-Time Approximation of Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems which was written by some Purdue University’s academician ( I don’t really remember wether they were students or lecturers ). The original paper presented the novel method of using an RBF Network as an approximator. And my project would likely to focus on the implementation of that method.

I have submitted my proposal draft to one of my supervisor, Mrs. Wiwiek Anggraeni. And have my proposal agreed by my second supervisor, Mr. Rully Sulaiman. The base-paper was originally my final project paper on my Intellegent System course, last semester, which was conducted by Mr. Rully Sulaiman.

The topic is about using a self-organizing RBF Network to real-time-ly approximate continuous-time dynamical system. To approximate is to make an approximation function ( not necessarily the original function ) of a function which we don’t know.

So the approximator will take up some input and output values, and then makes a guess-function. Which is, because we use RBF Network, would likely be a set of trained and evaluated RBFs. So u won’t get the exact-same function you originally want to approximate. The approximation function however, if well trained, will give you the same output as the original functions. But, in order to do that, the RBF Network would have to have enough RBFs and correct parameters in their weights, centers, etc which I’m not fully understand in the time-being.


gembul: jangan panggil om dong, panggil mas aja.. maba: iya om.. eh.. mas.. Hohoho.. kenangan masa muda.. (saiki wes tuwek la'an.. :hammer: )

The urge in having the correct amount of RBFs in the network structure is the main idea of the base-paper. The network have to be able to add RBFs on itself when it’s error level is above a pre-determined threshold. Yeah, I know, the regular Radial Basis Toolbox in Matlab have already use that kind of self-adding RBF Network. But here’s the catch, the kind of approximation this paper want to solve is a real-time approximation. Real-time approximation deals with series of incoming input and output values. So the network would not have the pleasure of having ALL of the input-output values, on a training period. It trains and approximate in real-time. So besides having to have a self-adding feature, the network has to have self-pruning feature. This way, the network wouldn’t have useless RBF nodes and so the computational efficiency is maintained. That’s why it is called self-organizing. 🙂

Actually, several other self-organizing RBF Nets techniques have been introduced for publicity before my base-paper. But as written on the paper, the writer was presenting a novel method. It might be more efficient or effective on some specific problems. I don’t know bout that yet, but one thing for sure, there’s only one way to find out. And that is to ask my supervisor about it :p

Having that kind of topic is a rather difficult to accept in my Department. Some of my lecturers say that it is to mathematics, some of them said that it is not business-ly applicable. Well, according to one of my lecturer, the other lecturers said that, because they hate the mathematical notations.. LMAO.. me myself hate those notations also.. But, if u’re a moslem u should always think positive, so I guess that the cannot-accept rumor only means that I have to strive harder. And that I have to make my lecturers acknowledge the future application of the model.

Hey, it’s designed to solve dynamical systems.. A dynamical system is a system that has an evolving state over time. So it’s NOT something that doesn’t have any relation to business needs. Some of the real phenomenons of dynamical systems is in economic and financial phenomenons. So I am confident enough to say, that it IS a business-ly applicable. And I am confident enough that it is acceptable.

I hope that I’m right. 🙂



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    the darkest part of the night is the part just before the sun is about to rise

  1. Yeah, u remind me of harvey dent he said a similar word in the dark knight. He was trying to convince the people of Gotham to not to lose their hope on batman. Just like what I am trying to do rite now, convincing the lecturers to not to bend rules just to justify some individual absurd ideologies.

  2. why so serious? actually, our mothers language doesn’t really bad 🙂 but if we want to have more competitive value in nowdays global trade we must use more than mothers language 🙂

  3. Never, have I said, that our mothers language is bad. Hmm.. I don’t know whether you meant I’m too serious, or you were just quoting dark-knight’s joker’s most famous quote..

    Anyway, I was just hoping that things I wrote could be understood and useful for non-Indonesian readers.

    Having a more competitive value would just be a desirable and inevitable side effect. 😀

    Oh yeah, just in case that you don’t know, my proposal had been accepted.. I haven’t got enough time (or will :p) to officially posted it. Seems like my dept hasn’t change that much, YET.. 😀

    DSS Army, Lock and Load..

  4. Ok bro… keep on your spirit! i dont know what will you do, you want to graduate at 3,5 years or something else… but, i hope you wonnt hanker being a student hehehehehe

    actually, im confuse with this way, im still want to show that information system’s student can “shake” the world hehehehehehe

    good luck bro, Vivat!

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